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We have a commitment to you and to the environment to act responsibly and minimize our environmental footprint at every phase of development and production. That’s why we always look for opportunities to:

  • Reduce or eliminate product waste and packaging materials
  • Use recycled or renewable materials and biodegradable ingredients whenever possible
  • Strive to consume minimal energy at all of our facilities

Kleen Test is diligent about conserving the natural resources every generation relies on. As part of our sustainability program, we practice aggressive lean manufacturing to minimize waste in every aspect of production. In addition, we engage in proactive recycling and pollution prevention (air, water, chemical storage) at every Kleen Test location.

Proof of our dedication to sustainability lies in the fact that we are members of the following organizations:

  • Kleen Test is one of the founding members of The Foundation for Strategic Sourcing Sustainability Team. This collaborative, unbiased, non-profit organization was created to enhance the supply chain between branded marketers and suppliers within the Consumer Packaged Goods industry. Through collaboration, we put sustainable thinking into action and find ways to work together in a more innovative and productive manner.

  • Wisconsin Energy Research Consortium (WERC) is an organization that combines Wisconsin's industry leaders with the state's leading engineering research Universities to provide consulting, research & workforce development capabilities. Together, the organization leverages the knowledge and resources of our University and Technical Colleges to support our member companies, develop new companies & expand Wisconsin's energy, power and control industries.

Our company-wide sustainability efforts make a positive difference not only in the communities in which we operate, but in all the communities our customers interact with throughout the world. We share our customers’ sustainability values and we’re dedicated to helping you meet your goals, however ambitious they may be. 

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