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Always our #1 priority.

At Kleen Test Products, we consider no phase of our operations to be more important than the safety and welfare of our people.  We pride ourselves on delivering a high standard of excellence without ever compromising the safety of our work force. We’re adamant about protecting and promoting worker safety, and our excellent safety track record proves it.

Award-winning safety program

The Kleen Test corporate safety program received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Excellence in Safety by the Wisconsin Council on Safety. We’re serious about safety and feature a safety coordinator at each plant, have an environmental, health and safety manager on staff, and safety committees to promote awareness at all Kleen Test locations.

Our plant managers and supervisors have been trained in the DuPont STOP program, which verifies that we are constantly auditing our work environment to ensure we're working safely. A safety stoplight is posted at the entrance of each facility, and all the shifts start with a safety huddle, reminding everyone of their #1 priority as they start each day.


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