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A passion for possibility.

Innovation is hardly a new term for us. Kleen Test has been silently introducing innovation into various markets for many, many years. In fact, we were launching new products long before most of our competitors were even in business. Our history of innovation dates back to the development of popular products like wet wipes and dryer sheets. A true innovator, Kleen Test Products is always finding new ways to respond to new challenges in the world of contract manufacturing. Think it can’t be done? We’re always ready for a challenge.

Customers constantly come to us for fresh ideas because they know we see the road ahead, not just the task at hand. We look at your product from many perspectives. We listen. We think. And then we innovate where others duplicate. Infusing innovation into every product we touch, we’re proud to take credit for many “firsts” in the markets we serve.

Supply chain innovation

When we look at innovation, we look beyond the product itself and consider the entire supply chain supporting the product.  Our procurement specialists are constantly working with suppliers to find superior materials and improve costs.  We work closely with our customers and vendors on supply chain optimization – constantly searching for better, more cost effective ways to get products to the store shelves on time, all of the time. 

As evidence of our commitment to supply chain innovation, Kleen Test has been a long time member of the Foundation for Strategic SourcingCustomer Supplier Operations Planning (“CSOP”) team.  This is a collaborative team of representatives from some of the world’s leading consumer products companies and contract manufacturers who are working together to shape the future of supply chain interaction.  The team’s activities include identifying and implementing best practices, establishing uniform supply chain metrics and working toward industry standard processes.

We launch new products all the time

When you’re searching for creativity and a fresh spin on product development, let the experts at Kleen Test guide you. We continually invest in the people, facilities and equipment necessary to deliver real innovation to our customers.  At Kleen Test Products, you’ll find a spirit of innovation and creativity that drive the introduction of many new successful products every year.

In the ever-evolving consumer packaged goods industry, who are you going to trust to take your brand to the next level?

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