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Wet Wipes

Over 30 Years of Market-Leading Innovation.

Wet wipes have been a vital part of the Kleen Test product mix for decades. With numerous application possibilities, this comprehensive product category represents real growth and incremental profit potential beyond your brands’ existing base. For years, we’ve been providing unique wet wipe products to the following markets:

  • Personal care
  • Cosmetics
  • Household
  • Automotive
  • Industrial
  • Agricultural

Immense product opportunities

Kleen Test offers you one of the broadest and most flexible selections of fabric type, sheet size and fold configuration. With the most modern equipment and sanitary designs for wet wipe production, we have the versatility to cut and cross-fold, flat fold, interleave and roll substrates. We wet out wipes with solutions blended onsite.

We're innovating the wet wipe market with novel packaging ideas like portable wipe dispensers, hermetically sealed fitments and bucket lid wipe dispensers. And we're introducing groundbreaking formulations to accommodate unique product applications, such as wipes containing bleach or hydrogen peroxide and certified natural wipes.

Unsurpassed formulation support

Kleen Test's in-house mixing and blending capabilities are unmatched in the wipes industry and provide solid support for your wet wipe product line. Our chemists can provide the finishing touches to one of your existing formulas or we'll help you develop an entirely new formula from scratch.

FDA- and EPA-registered facilities

Kleen Test will also assist you in meeting necessary product compliance requirements from any of our three FDA- and four EPA–registered facilities. Our rigorous on-site analytical, microbiological, and validation capabilities provide the quality and regulatory support that your products demand. Drawing from our extensive knowledge in wet wipe production, we can help you determine testing protocols that ensure you place only the highest quality product on the shelf.

Package it any way you like

Our wet wipe expertise covers the gamut of packaging possibilities. We have substantial canister capacity for rolls with a count size ranging from one to 1,000+ sheets. Check out our long list of exciting options:

  • Rigid packs
  • Club packs
  • Sample packs
  • Flexible packs
  • Promotional packs
  • Tubs
  • Cartons
  • Canisters
  • Stand-up pouches
  • Tamper-evident canister seals
  • Zippered closures
  • Sleeving
  • Resealable labels
  • Hermetically sealed closures

But your choices don't end there. Have a unique product design? Let our experienced engineers design a customized packaging line just for you. We're always up for a new challenge.

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