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Bulk Blending

Our capabilities and your needs - the perfect blend.

Need help with your bulk blending? Look no further. Kleen Test Products can support your blending needs. We have an onsite USP-validated water system and operate under the most sanitary conditions. All tanks, pumps, and piping are designed with high-grade 316L stainless steel, incorporating hygienic design features like cone bottom tanks and utilizing the most rigorous sanitization methods. Our formula blending and filling capabilities range from liquids as thin as water to high viscosity products such as creams, lotions and pastes.

We can assist you with unique products that are shipped out in totes to large tankers.

Regulatory compliance

Kleen Test will also assist you in meeting necessary product compliance requirements from any of our three FDA- and four EPA–registered facilities.

We provide in-house analytical and microbiological testing to ensure quality from raw materials through your finished product. Our labs are staffed around the clock to ensure product quality and expedite product release. Plus, our 31 loading docks and 79 trailer drop lots provide for 24-hour-a-day shipping and receiving flexibility.

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